KDC International Outreach is a non-profit community based organization.  We empower at-risk youth by providing services that strengthen their mind, body and spirit.  Each program component is designed to help those facing adverse situations to believe in their dreams and take the necessary steps to do so.  KDC International is also known for its AAU Basketball camps and team development.  It's goal is to use athletics to broaden the heart and minds of youth on a global level while enhancing their physical fitness levels.

Our key initiatives are as follows:


Health and Fitness Programs


  • Sports Activities – Basketball camps

  • Special Teams – Selected youth who become a part of the program’s AAU Basketball Team

  • Health and Nutrition – Programs that assist youth in making healthy dietary choices


Education Programs


  • Character Building- helping improve the character of the youth to improve the quality of life.

  • Academic Development - challenges the youth to excel academically.

  • Social Skills Development- training the youth on how to positively interact with people in a social setting.

  • Multicultural Development- training that teaches youth to understand, appreciate, and respect those from various cultures

  • Leadership Development - sessions that help youth understand the purpose and proper use of authority as they are empowered to become effective leaders.

  • College Prep – sessions that identify the training they need for their desired career path. These sessions are also designed to assist them in preparing for the necessary college entrance examinations.

  • Job Training and Skills Development- prepares the youth for the work force.



Mentoring Programs


  • Group Mentoring- connects trained/qualified mentors with the youth in small group settings, aimed at developing their teamwork skills.

  • Career Mentoring and Development- connects Business Professionals, and Community Leaders and Entrepreneurs in the career field of the youth’s choice to provide information, guidance and direction on various career opportunities.


Outreach and Community Service


  • Helping Hands – Local community service related projects, where youth are encouraged to display their leadership skills.


Achievement Programs


  • Academic Excellence Awards – Awards given to youth who excel in academics.

  • Behavioral Achievement Award – Awards given to youth who overcome behavioral challenges in school and become model students.

  • Educational Scholarships – Financial support for college and/or vocational school.



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