KDC Train like a Pro Boys & Girls Program is designed to be an INSTRUCTIONAL, INTENSE, AND INSPIRATIONAL six week class that focuses on the proper development of fundamental skills and overall game knowledge.


Each class will be taught privately and one on one with you and KDC (Kendrick D. Cornelius, International Basketball Player), who has over 15 years experience playing basketball at all levels including youth, AAU, high school, collegiate, and professional.


6 weeks, 12 classes, $350.00 per person or $35.00 per class per person


Groups of two or more, basketball teams, and individuals who are looking to improve overall in other sports can sign up at a discounted rate.


What we offer

Basketball Training

Weight Training


And More


Open to all age groups, beginners, intermediate, and advanced individuals.


Contact us today and receive a great learning experience along with fun and excitement in training. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!

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 (310) 686-3533


Also visit our website to view the official KDC commercial (WHO AM I?) under videos.






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